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Create A Nail

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Endless Nails has developed a new application Create a Nail.   All the designs you create can be applied to a set of nails for $8.50 plus postage.


This application allows the user to design a nail by capturing a image on the screen and viewing it on a set of 10 nails on a pair of hands.   Create a Nail is packed full of features:


  • upload your own images.



  • Download your capture images.



  • over 65 nail shape filters and frames e.g. half tips, chris-cross, dimond, xmas frames heart shaped frames.



  • and much much more.


Create a Nail is a new way to create your perfect nail no longer do you have to spend your precision time in a nail salon having your nails done to find out that the nails you wanted do not look that good when there on. With our never before seen application you can take a sneak peak at what the design will look like on the nails from the comfort of your home. 


Best of all it is free to use. The application has standard designs, so you can start creating right away without uploading. With the upload feature you can create that unique perfect nail that nobody else has. With the 65 plus nail shapes filters and frames there is something for every body.



Create a Nail.

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