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Is it safe having acrylic nails applied all through pregnancy?

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A common known danger of acrylic nails is from the potential contact with solvent vapours. The real key issues would be the dose and just how properly the location is ventilated. (Feeling nauseated or maybe unwell caused by the fumes would absolutely be an indication of overexposure).

If you use these products intermittently inside a well-ventilated location or beauty salon, there's no identified danger. Therefore if you use your nail products at home and / or getting the nails applied in a salon, you will most certainly not be exposed to sufficient amount of products to be dangerous or unsafe. 

Alternatively, most moms-to-be are keen to avoid developing and dealing with problems such as a nail infection. You might find your nails are stronger as well as healthier during your pregnancy than usual, so "going natural" may be a nice option during this time. You could also try using temporary nails.  They are safe and will not harm your natural nails. A large number of designs are available - just like the site your on now.

On the flip side, if you actually work in a beauty salon five days week, either putting on nails or within another job, there can be a few dangers.

Studies demonstrated a heightened risk with regard to miscarriage with salon employees, both individuals putting on artificial nails and people carrying out hair work. Some further studies have not found the same miscarriage danger; therefore we're unsure how large the danger may be. And it isn't really clear whether there is a risk, if any, to hairdressers or people who work with artificial nails.


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