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Different Nails For Different Occasions

Hands with beautiful, long and well-polished nails are surely an asset to a woman’s beauty. But it is not an easy task to possess and maintain such good-looking nails. As the nails grow long, they tend to break more often and chip off quite easily. House-hold chores like cooking, which are a part of woman’s daily routine, are a deterrent to long nails. Many women also have a habit of biting their nails, which makes it nearly impossible to grow them. All these problems prevent the nails from growing long. They seem uneven most of the time and look unattractive. The novel concept of artificial nails is a great solution to get rid of ugly, uneven, short, and unsightly nails.

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Their Types


Artificial nails, also called false nails, are stuck to your natural nails with the help of special glue. They look very beautiful. You can choose the length and color of the nails. These nails are also available in hundreds of different patterns. They can be categorized depending upon the material which they are made up of. These are: Acrylic nails, Gel nails, Wrap nails, solar nails, etc.


Acrylic nails are its most common form. They have to be stuck to the natural nails with the help of glue. These nails are the strongest among all of its other forms and hence last the longest. They must be glued and removed by an expert only.

Wrap nails are made of different materials such as silk, linen, fiberglass, etc. They are flexible and look great. They must also be

stuck to natural nails.


Gel nails are made up of gel acrylic. While they look more natural and beautiful, they cannot beat the strength of acrylic nails. Another drawback of gel nails is that they cannot be removed. You must wait for them to grow or file them away.


Different Nails For Different Occasions


Women wear artificial nails for different reasons. Some women feel that wearing these false nails gives them confidence and makes them look beautiful and womanly. Different types of nails can be worn to suit the occasion. For instance, one can have wedding nails for a wedding or professional nails to be worn at work.


Wedding is the most special day in a woman’s life. A bride pays special attention to all the details like her wedding dress, make-up, hair style, etc. Her hands catch everybody’s attention, as she adorns her wedding ring. Wedding nails offer that special look to your hands and nails for your special day. Brides can choose from a wide range of wedding nail art, which is specially designed for the event.

Working women can wear professional nails to work for a neat look. French manicure is very popular among professionals. There are professional nail technicians who are trained to apply and remove all types of nail extensions. They also take care of different nail problems of customers.

You will no longer have to worry about growing natural nails.  Thus, artificial nails can cater to diverse needs of varied customers. They give you beautiful looking hands and boost your confidence, every time you step out.

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