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Fingernail Health

A proper balanced diet ensures your fingernails stay nice, as well as healthy! Healthy foods which are particularly excellent with regard to fingernail health include things like:




Chicken Wings: 


Include collagen that is good for the wellbeing of your finger nails and your skin.


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Kidney beans:


Contain important amino acids, kidney beans also include minerals like (potassium, protein, magnesium as well as calcium). Kidney beans are extremely low in calories, and since they are generally nutritious, they are often an alternative for meat products.




Performs in many ways the same as female hormones, so it really helps in decreasing the discomfort associated with periods.


Chicken Eggs:


Include every essential amino acid and furthermore is a source of a number of minerals and vitamins like (Vitamin A, D and including E)






Such as almonds or hazelnuts include Vitamin E which will smooth blood as well as stops your fingernails and skin from drying out.



Blackcurrant / Guava / Lychees:


Includes Vitamin C which offers you an anti-oxidant outcome that experts say will help decrease your ageing development.






Is made up of magnesium helping encourage the development of good nail and new hair growth.




Crabs, prawns and scallops, just to name a few are made up of zinc that has an anti-oxidant result which slows down your aging.


Kidney & Curry Powder:


Is made up of iron which in turn helps bring oxygen into the human body system, helping to make the system process better.


Drinking water


It's very important for you to drink a good amount of water in order to hydrate your skin, preferably make an effort to consume 2 Litres daily. This will ensure your cuticles will never dry out or become flaky.



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