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Nail Growth

Nail Growth is really a topic that is certainly seldom talked about, I suppose, which was the reason why I had been a little surprised when I discovered the number of different factors that can affect how quickly your nails grow.

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How Fast do Nails Grow?


  • Normal Growth Rate: .5 to 1.2mm per week


  • Nails grow quicker around warmer conditions


  • Growth is actually quicker in children and then decreases as our bodies get older


  • Growth in toenails is actually slower than finger nails


  • Growth times among the fingers are going to differ, for example, the middle finger will grow quickest and the thumb the slowest


  • Nails grow more quickly in males


  • Nails grow a lot quicker through the day time


  • Nails in the prominent hand grow slightly faster than the non-preferred hand


  • Nails grow a lot quicker during pregnancy


  • Where a nail is lost as a result of injury it's going to grow once again provided that the actual matrix continues to be alive


  • A brand new nail will need nearly a year to be able to grow again to the original size

How to increase the Growth Rate of one’s own Fingernails


  • Regularly Buff your Nails - Details regarding how to buff your own nails can be found in both Manicure & Pedicure.



  • Absolutely no Smoking - Cigarette smoking interferes with your body's normal working. Stop smoking in order to provide sufficient oxygen and nutrients in the blood to the actual nails.



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