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Nail Structure

It is important to know your Nail Composition, so I hope you can learn a thing or two in the explanations down below:


Nail Diagram



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Nail Definitions


The Free Edge


This is the end on the nail plate which is shaped in the course of a manicure & Pedicure


The Hyponichium


This is the area of skin at the tip of your finger underneath your free edge, where the nail plate detaches from your skin.


Your Nail Grooves


The Nail Grooves would be the grooves over the skin at the sides of the free edge, and the nail follows the line while it grows.


The Nail Plate


This is the noticeable portion of the nail which rests on top of the nail bed. It is actually made by Keratinisation; the modification associated with living cells to hard, dead cells, which contains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen.


Your Nail Walls


These are the folds of the skin through which the nail remains attached.


The Nail Bed


This is the part of the finger underneath the nail plate.


Your Lunula


The Lunula is considered the moon shaped position where by your matrix and nail bed meet.


Your Cuticle


This is the overlapping skin around your nail. It will always shield the actual matrix from penetrating bacteria and physical harm.


Your Nail Mantle


Your Nail Mantle is the fold of skin in front of the cuticle. It protects the matrix.


The Matrix


This is where the nail is made. It is the only living section of your nail, plus it contains nerves as well as blood vessels to ensure that cell processing can occur.


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