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Why Endless Nails Are Not A New Idea

Nail art has actually been popular with women and with men in ancient times, however in ancient times toe nail art was more popular than fingernail art, and unlike the acrylic nails of today the designs were created using natural pigments and dyes such as henna and other colors.

Nail art has become a popular beauty ritual for women around the world, in addition to their regular manicures and pedicures women also spend time and money beautifying their nails using synthetic products and designs. Acrylic nail are also a popular choice for brides who wish to incorporate a more edgy modern look in their wedding ensembles.

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Acrylic nails allow the bride and her bridesmaids to co-ordinate their nails with their clothes, the theme of the wedding or even with each other. For brides who like to bring on the bling, nail art with rhinestones is a perfect accompaniment to that beautiful white dress. Instead of hiding something blue somewhere on your person, why not embrace that age-old tradition of “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”, and opt for customized blue nail art for your special day. It’s a wonderful twist to a time honored tradition.

Ancient tribes in countries such as India and Egypt have for centuries been designing and applying nail art to the fingers and toes of common women. For many centuries women have been using their nails to express their individuality, status and add to their beauty and intrigue. Long, beautiful nails have always been in fashion and today with advances in technology and the availability of acrylic nails, this luxury is available and affordable for almost everyone.

While there are many nail art specialists and studies around the world, it is relatively easy to purchase an at home kit and apply them yourself. These kits are easy to apply, cost a fraction of the cost of a professional application and come in a wide variety of designs and sizes. They also offer customizable designs in case you want to channel your inner artist.

An at home acrylic nails kit, will most likely contain a set of 20 customized acrylic nail tips in a shape that suits your nail type. They are strong, water resistant and come with 40 double-sided stickers for convenient use. A separate tube of nail glue is also included in the kit should you have a preference to use a nail glue. Acrylic nail removal is also a quick and painless process and hardly takes more than 5 minutes to remove.

Acrylic nails can last as long as 4 days when applied using the double-sided stickers., Since these nails don’t chip or break and even if they do, a set comes with 20 nails, so you can easily replace them with another one, your friends will envy your strong and classy nails.

A big plus is that you can buy extra stickers and use your nail tips for as long as you want and since they are reusable (when applied with the double-sided stickers) they can last indefinitely, unlike the nails that you have done in a nail studio, which last only as long as your manicure.

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