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Stop Nail Biting

Nail biting will be a habit which is without a doubt hard to give up. Suppose you actually are sick and tired of your nail stubs.  You could try some of these easy solutions below in order to encourage natural nail development, and also avoid some of the effects listed below:

  •        Split plus fractured fingernails.
  •        Bleeding around your fingernails.
  •        Infections.
  •        Discomfort.

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15 Steps to stop nail biting

1.        Address the issue. Grab your digital camera and take a few photos of the bitten nails. Look at all your nails, and then list the issues.



2.        Imagine yourself having healthy fingernails, and also exactly how fantastic your nails are going to look.



3.        Choose at least 1 fingernail to "save". After a few nights, of not biting this nail it will certainly blossoms. Never chew it again. If you will need to bite one of your nails bite the actual 'unprotected' ones. In some cases this assists realizing that you can bite another nail. 


As soon as you have grown the non-bitten fingernail for some time, begin guarding yet another one. Then one more and then one more, right up until each and every single nail is safeguarded.



4.        Try to eat calcium as well as magnesium - rich meals a result the nails will definitely repair and start to grow nicely. Not just for that reason alone.  Some studies claim that the fingernail biting is due to the deficiency associated with calcium as well as magnesium within your body.



5.        Choose a habit in order to replace nail biting. Every time you actually get any craving to bite, choose this as an alternative. A number of individuals for instance drum his or her fingers, or perhaps simply stare at his or her hands.  Make certain it is not a bad practice; select a useful one or perhaps one which does not truly matter either way as long as it works.


'Bitrex' is actually a substance which can be placed on items in order to cause them to taste horrible, you can buy this through the neighbourhood pharmacy.  Paint this on your nails. And carry with you at all times. Use this nasty formula plenty of times during the day. Should you become used to the actual flavour, select a different one.



6.        Draw attention away from your mouth. Try eating carrot sticks to help keep you active.  Carry a stick of chewing gum to help you with the vulnerable times.



7.        Draw attention away from your fingers simply by taking up a hobby to engage in. E.g. engage in an activity to help draw attention away from ones fingers. one could be building models or perhaps maintaining your family home, knitting or even crochet, jogging or simply some other outdoor pastimes.  Draw attention away from your fingers during occasions when you generally chew the nails (riding in the car, sitting down during class, enjoying TV...).




8.  Cover your fingernails. With regard to females, by applying artificial nails. This will definitely help.



9.        Have gloves located in a hand bag, for men put the gloves in your pocket use these any time you are going to bite.



10.        Cut all your fingernails back. Always keep clippers on you at all times. You won't be able to bite if you have next to nothing there!



11.        Talking about your own fingernails can assist to concentrate all your thoughts directly on the objective. Ask to get assistance by way of your partner. Always keep communicating with regards to your targets.


12.        Flaunt your great looking finger nails, along with receiving much-needed support as well as encouragement coming from your friends



13.        Always be very pleased with your improving fingernails. Your nails will certainly shine with natural beauty.



14.        Have a manicure, as well as have a discussion with your manicurist on the subject of having fantastic nails.




Always continue looking after all of your fingernails, using cuticle oil, shine and growth promoter, not to mention absolutely no biting!


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