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Wedding Planning With Endless Nails

Every bride-to-be fantasizes about their dream wedding. The bridal dress they will wear, the cake, the guests, the location, the brides maids, and of course the man of their dreams. But all great events require meticulous planning and great attention to detail. Not only does one need to plan the events leading up to the wedding, but the wedding itself. This includes booking the locations, planning the hen’s nights, scheduling the manicures as well as making long shopping lists well in advance. The common thread that runs across everything is the need for the bride to look and be surrounded by beautiful things. While wedding gowns and dresses of the brides maids are often discussed subjects, there are other more adventurous ways of standing out that this article touches upon.

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Think of the bride and brides maids holding the bouquets, think of the rings as they are exchanged, most of all think of the bride holding the groom as they kiss. What do you notice as much as the bride; the nails of course! While clean manicured nails are definitely a must, why not invest in more color and adventure through nail art. Exciting nail colors and designs in all hues of the rainbow, colors to match the outfits of the brides maids and the bride, nails that stand out and grab attention. Nail couture for your friends and family or just for yourself are a great way of adding color to your big day.

Doing up nails has always been an important part of every woman’s daily routine. No outfit is complete without matching accessories and nails. Why not select nail art as a theme for your cherished hen’s night before the big wedding day! There are all kinds of artificial, acrylic stick on nails that you and your best friends can experiment with as you chat and while the night away. It is best to invest in a reputed brand which offers good quality adhesives not to mention good designs to make your party a success. The brides maids can carry their nail art into the ceremony, making it functional as well.

Even after the wedding is over, you will be able to enjoy stick on nails for all the parties that you will find yourself invited to not to mention your honeymoon. The right nails can make you feel confident and sure of yourself. They get you admiring glances and compliments. So waste no time in getting yourself the perfect set of nails for your big day and afterwards.

In case you are partial to nail spas, it may be helpful to compare the prices and the money that you will be spending on nail care over a lifetime. Not to mention the time. Do it yourself nail kits offer the convenience of sitting in bed and doing up your nails minutes before you leave for the big party. Almost all of us change dresses at least twice before any big event. How often we wish we could change our nails. That is no longer a problem with stick on nails that can be applied in the chosen color after you are dressed to leave.

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